Vector Conversion

Looking for a top-notch vector conversion service? Need to transform your raster images into editable & high-quality vectors that print flawlessly? You’re in the right spot! We, Assurance Creative, will provide you with the best vector conversion service.

What is Vector Conversion?

Vector conversion is like magic for images. It turns pixel-based pictures, like photos and sketches, into super flexible vector graphics. 

You know those pixel dots in images? They’re what we call ‘raster images.’ But vector graphics? They’re all about math, defining shapes, colors & strokes.

The cool thing? Vector graphics are like elastic. You can stretch, twist, or tweak them without losing any sharpness or quality.


Why Do You Need Vector Conversion?

Vector conversion? It’s pretty handy, here’s why: 

1. Printing: 

When you gotta print those big banners, posters, or billboards, make your images vector-friendly. That way, they won’t get all fuzzy when blown up.

2. Editing: 

Raster images can be fussy to edit without losing quality. But with vectors and software like Adobe Illustrator, you can tweak colors, add text, and get creative without ruining things.

3. Branding: 

Wanna make a cool logo or brand stuff? Vector graphics are the way to go. They keep your logo looking sharp on business cards, letterheads, flyers, and websites.

4. Artwork: 

If you’re into art, vector conversion’s your friend. Turn sketches into digital art and create original pieces using vector tools.

Our Vector Conversion Services:

Welcome to Assurance Creative, your premier destination for top-notch vector services. We (Assurance Creative) offer a wide array of options to cater to your specific needs:

Photo to Vector Drawing: 

Transform your photos into stunning vector illustrations, whether you prefer vibrant color or elegant black and white line art.

Vector for Manuals: 

Obtain precise technical and instructional manual-ready illustrations through our Photo to Vector Line Art service.

Vector Vehicles: 

Explore our collection of vehicles, including cars, planes, boats, trains, bikes, and trucks, all derived from photographs.

Vector Animals: 

We create custom vector drawings of pets and other animals from your provided images, adding a personal touch to your favorite companions.

Vector Buildings: 

Discover a variety of vector graphics inspired by photographs, mainly in black and white, suitable for diverse applications.

Exact-Copy Vectorization: 

Ensure precision and fidelity by converting your raster graphics into exact vector copies.

Vector People: 

Access detailed vector graphics of individuals, with black-only samples ideal for engraving and etching.

Whether you’re an artist looking for illustration upgrades or a business owner needing technical graphics, our vector professionals at Assurance Creative are here to help you realize your vision. Discover our offerings to realize the revolutionary power of vector graphics fully.


Benefits of vector conversion service:

Here are the top 10 benefits of vector conversion service:

  1. Easy to Resize: 

Vector graphics can be scaled up / down without losing quality. Use them for web, print, or mobile without worry.

  1. Editable: 

Customize vector graphics effortlessly with software like Adobe Illustrator. Change colors, shapes, and more without losing quality.

  1. Versatile: 

Vector graphics work with various formats and devices – PDF, EPS, SVG, and more. Use them on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or in browsers.

  1. Always Sharp: 

Zoom in or print on any surface; vector graphics stay crisp without pixelation.


  1. Unleash Creativity: 

Create unique artwork using vector tools and techniques for personal or professional projects.

  1. Enhance Branding: 

Design logos and branding materials for consistent representation across platforms.

  1. Save Space: 

Vector files have small sizes, freeing up storage space without compromising quality.

  1. Simple conversion: 

When necessary, convert vector graphics into raster pictures while modifying resolution.

  1. Recovering Quickly:

Vector drawings should be backed up to avoid loss and, if required, recovered using data recovery tools.

  1. Guaranteed Satisfaction: 

You may depend on the caliber, swiftness, and affordability of our vector conversion service. For your complete pleasure, we provide limitless revisions.

How Does Our (Assurance Creative) Vector Conversion Service Work?

Our vector conversion service is straightforward. Here is how it works:

  1. Send Your Images: 

Start by sending us your pictures, either through our website or email. Tell us how you’d like the vectors done – format, colors, resolution, style, you name it.

  1. Get a Quote: 

We’ll check out your images and preferences, then give you a price and time estimate. Expect competitive rates & speedy delivery. Plus, discounts for big orders and returning customers.

  1. Our Experts at Work: 

Skilled artists take over. They use top-notch vector software to transform your images into precise & detailed vectors. They or our expert team follow your instructions to the tee.

  1. Receive Your Vectors: 

We send your new vectors in your chosen format and resolution. You can grab them from our site or your inbox. If you’re not thrilled, ask for tweaks – we offer unlimited revisions and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why Choose Us for Your Vector Conversion Service?

  1. Quality: 

We serve up top-notch vector graphics. Our fancy software makes sure things are spot on before we hit send.

  1. Speed: 

We’re on the fast track. No matter how big or fancy your project is & we’ll get it done. And if you’re in a hurry, we’ve got your back with rush orders.

  1. Affordability: 

We won’t empty your wallet. No sneaky fees, and if you’re a big spender or keep returning for more, we’ve got discounts for you.

  1. Customer Service: 

Got questions or need some advice? We’re here round the clock. Plus, we’re all ears for your thoughts. We’re always looking to improve things based on what you tell us.

Why isn't automated raster-to-vector conversion great?

The best way to convert a raster to a vector file is by manually recreating the image. Converting from raster to vector means redoing the image in vector format. It can be automated, but the results often fall short.

Automated conversion makes big files with limited colors, and accuracy suffers. The software tries to figure out edges and shapes from colors, but it’s inaccurate.

Especially with complex images, nothing beats the human touch. Only a real person can recognize the object and understand the fine lines between object and shadow or object and background.

What are the Best Uses for Vector Conversion Services?

Wondering how to use vector conversion services?

  1. Printed Goodies: Vector files work wonders for printed stuff like banners, business cards, and cool t-shirts and mugs.
  2. Image Revival: Got some old, blurry graphics? Vectors can make them sharp again, even if they’re low-res.
  3. Logo Love: When crafting a new logo, go vector! It won’t get all wonky or lose quality when you enlarge or print it.

How do I turn a vector image into a raster image?

Converting a vector image to raster is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your image in a raster-based photo-editing app like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or Corel Paintshop Pro.
  2. Adjust the dimensions if needed (3,000 pixels on the largest side is usually good for most uses).
  3. Click Save As. In Adobe Illustrator, use Export > Export As.
  4. Choose one of these file types: .jpg, .png, .tif, or .psd.
  5. For transparency, pick .png (web or PowerPoint) or .psd (print or further editing).
  6. Save, and you’re done! Your image is now in raster format.

Which file formats may I use? How can I obtain my vector graphics?

  Useful file formats include:

– .jpg

– .png

– .gif

– .pdf

– .psd

You’ll also get vectors in the following formats:

– .eps

– .ai

– .svg

– .pdf


How much do services for vector conversion cost?

Depending on the intricacy, vector conversion might be expensive. Here is a brief explanation:

Simple logos: It costs $3.99 per picture, making them ideal for simple logos and icons.

Medium complexity logos: $7.99 per image – Ideal for logos with more shapes, colors, and text.

Complex logos: $16.99 per image – If your logo is highly detailed, this is the option.

Simple artwork: $8.99 per image – Great for basic illustrations with a few colors.

Medium complexity artwork: $22.99 per image – Detailed illustrations and complex typography.

Complex artwork: $44.99 per image – Finely detailed artwork with many colors.

Simple line drawings: $13.99 per image – For basic outlines and components.

Complex line drawings: $35.99 per image – Detailed drawings of complex objects.

Simple silhouette/illustration: $6.99 per image – One-color silhouettes with a detailed outline.

Medium complexity silhouette/illustration: $17.99 per image – Colored or detailed illustrations.

Complex silhouette/illustration: $44.99 per image – Highly detailed illustrations with lots of colors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use online tools like Vector Magic or Online Image Vectorizer. Just upload your photo and adjust the settings.

Raster conversion tweaks pixel-based images, while vector conversion transforms them into scalable math-based shapes. 

Vectors rock for logos, graphics, and easy edits. Rasters shine for photos and complex art.

It’s changing pixel pictures into crisp, editable vectors. You can use auto tools or trace manually.

Converting boosts image quality, makes them resizable without fuzziness, and suits printing, cutting, or engraving

It upgrades pixelated images to sharp vectors. Great for turning photos or scans into scalable graphics.

It’s just another way to say raster to vector conversion. Turn pixel pics into sharp, editable vectors.