Need photo editing help? Whether it’s for your online store, photography work, or personal stuff, we’re here! We’ll make your pics stand out & save you time and cash. Meet Assurance Creative, your go-to clipping path service. We do it all: clip paths, remove backgrounds, and more. Let’s give your photos a makeover!

What is Clipping Path Service?

A clipping path service is like a magic outline for photos. It draws a line around the stuff you want and makes the rest disappear. Perfect for changing backgrounds or creating transparency. Think of it as a photo makeover tool. You might hear it called deep etching, background removal, or cut-out. It’s handy for e-commerce, photos, design, printing, ads, and more.


10 Benefits of Clipping Path Service

Now that you understand what a clipping path service is & how it works let’s dive into why you’d want to use it. Here are 10 great reasons:

1. RemoveUnwanted Backgrounds:
Your go-to option for eliminating unnecessary or distracting backgrounds from your photographs is a clipping path service. It helps your images appear professional, whether you’re a product or portrait photographer!

2. Creating Transparent Backgrounds:
Need pictures that will flow naturally into your website, social media posts, or other materials? You can easily match any background thanks to the clipping path’s ability to generate translucent backgrounds.

3. Refresh or Replace Backgrounds:
Be imaginative! You may alter or create new backdrops using clipping paths to achieve a variety of effects. Perfect for improving portrait photographs or displaying merchandise in various environments.

  1. Boost Attractiveness and Quality: 

Occasionally, a little retouching is necessary for photos. By using clipping path services, you may enhance your images’ brightness, contrast, and sharpness to produce visually arresting effects.

  1. Time and Resource Saver:

Hiring a specialist to handle your image editing requirements might save you time & money. Utilize quick response times & low rates while concentrating on your endeavors.

  1. Reliable and advantageous results:

Don’t be annoyed by erratic visual quality. Experts in clipping pathways deliver consistent, professional results that meet the highest standards.

  1. Editing a lot of pictures: 

Manually editing a lot of images is labour-intensive. With the help of a clipping path service, you may edit several photographs at once using automation tools.

  1. Difficult Editing Techniques: 

The principles, overcome them! You may utilize clipping path to execute complex editing techniques like masking, shadowing, retouching, and color correction for stunning effects.

  1. Web and e-commerce optimization:

Image optimization is essential for site developers and online retailers. You may decrease file sizes, speed up page loads, and boost SEO by using clipping paths.

  1. Tailor to Your Taste:

Customize the photos you use! To show your creativity or fit your brand, add text, logos, watermarks, stickers, frames, or other elements. You may also apply different styles and effects.

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Why Choose Assurance Creative for Clipping Path Service?

We at Assurance Creative can provide you with excellent clipping path services. As to why you ought to choose (Assurance Creative) us:

  1. Skilled Team: With the help of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for accuracy, our picture experts manage any clipping path difficulty.
  2. Quick Turnaround: Receive your photographs back in 24 hours or less! The size and format are your choice.
  3. Reasonable Prices: Our prices start at just $0.29 per image, and we also provide discounts for large purchases and devoted consumers.
  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed: We guarantee your complete satisfaction and offer free modifications up to that point. Our top emphasis is quality control.
  5. 24/7 support: Contact us at any time by phone, email, or live chat for support. We’re here to support you and provide solutions.

How to Order Clipping Path Service from Assurance Creative?

Ordering clipping path service from Assurance Creative is a breeze. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a quote by filling out our form or emailing your images. We’ll respond within 45 minutes with a price and payment info. 

  2. Approve the quote and pay via PayPal or credit card. We accept all currencies and payment methods.

  3. Upload your images securely or send via Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer. Share any specific instructions you have.

  4. Sit back while we work on your order. We’ll edit your images as requested and deliver them on time.
  5. Download your edited images from our server or receive them via email or FTP. Review our work and request revisions if needed. Easy as that!

What are the Types of Clipping Path Service?

At Assurance Creative, we provide various clipping path services to match your image’s complexity:


  1. Basic Clipping Path:

Ideal for simple shapes like books or balls. It needs just a single path with a few anchor points to remove the object from the background.


  1. Simple Clipping Path:

For slightly more complex shapes like bottles or shoes. A single path with more anchor points does the job.


  1. Medium Clipping Path:

Use this for images with multiple moderately complex objects, like group photos or furniture. It requires multiple paths with many anchor points for each object.


  1. Complex Clipping Path:

When dealing with intricate shapes like flowers or animals, opt for this. Multiple paths with numerous anchor points isolate each object.


  1. Super Complex Clipping Path:

Reserved for extremely intricate subjects like hair or feathers. Multiple paths with countless anchor points are essential to separate each element from the background.

What are the Other Services We Offer?

In addition to clipping paths, we’ve got more tricks up our sleeve for your photos. Check these out:

Image Masking: It’s like a magic cloak that hides tricky backgrounds, perfect for fuzzy stuff like hair or feathers.

Shadow Play: We can add shadows to make your images pop, adjusting light angles for that real-life vibe.

Ghost Mannequin: Fade away, ghost mannequins! We will give your clothing a slick 3D appearance.

Color Tune-Up: Need a color makeover? We’ve got you covered. We tweak hues, saturation, and more.

Photo TLC: We’ll pamper your photos, smoothing out wrinkles, erasing spots, and making them flawless.

What is the clipping path service in Photoshop?

A Photoshop clipping path is like a magic outline for removing backgrounds or changing them in pictures. You use the Pen tool to draw this precise path around your object, and then you can cut it out or place it somewhere else. It’s super useful for making professional-looking images for things like online shops, ads, printing, and web design.

Why use it?

  1. It handles tricky backgrounds like a pro.
  2. Keeps your object looking sharp and detailed.
  3. Makes edges smooth and natural.
  4. Lets you edit object and background separately.
  5. Saves time and hassle when experts do it for you.

Who needs clipping path services?

Clipping path services come in handy when you want to tweak or play around with your images. Who uses these services? Well, let’s break it down:

  1. Photographers:

They often want to get rid of unwanted stuff in their photos or change the background. Clipping path makes it easy to keep things professional.

  1. Photo Studios: 

People appear their best in these settings. Photos benefit from clipping path by having blemishes removed or by having a magical touch added.


  1. Magazines: 

They require eye-catching layouts & covers. They can place famous people or items on backdrops that go with their aesthetic by using clipping paths.

  1. Online Fashion Shops: 

Do you want to display your clothing online? Mannequins & cluttered backdrops are removed via clipping path, allowing items to stand out.

  1. E-commerce Stores: 

Selling toys, jewelry, furniture, electronics, or other items online? Product images that have been clipped seem streamlined & consistent.

  1. Ad Agencies: 

They design striking advertisements. Clipping path makes it simpler to produce eye-catching photographs & add text or logos with ease.

What is clipping in image processing?

In image processing, clipping means precisely isolating an object by changing the background. You can use tools like the Pen, Magic Wand, or Lasso in editing software. It’s handy for pro-looking images in e-commerce, ads, printing, or web design. Benefits include:

  1. Tackles tricky, multicolored backgrounds.
  2. Keeps object quality intact.
  3. Creates smooth edges.
  4. Separately edit object and background.
  5. Save time with expert help.

Clipping can also mean signal clipping, where intensity falls outside limits, causing uniform brightness areas and loss of detail. It happens in image sensors, processing, or color space conversion, affecting color and appearance. Avoid it with proper exposure, color space, and high dynamic range.

What is the difference between clipping path and background removal?

Clipping path and background removal may sound similar, but they’re not quite the same. 

Clipping path is like a precise scalpel in Photoshop. It isolates objects with clean, crisp edges, like products or logos. You draw a path around what you want to keep, and it stays, while the rest disappears. Great for editing or tweaking. 

Background removal, on the other hand, is a broader term. It’s like a versatile toolbox for changing or eliminating backgrounds. Whether you’re enhancing, removing distractions, or setting a new mood, there are various tools at your disposal in Photoshop. 

The choice between them depends on your image. Clipping path suits clear-cut edges, while background removal tackles softer or complex edges, like hair, fur, or feathers.

In a nutshell, clipping path is a specific, precise cutout technique using the Pen tool. Background removal is the versatile set of tools you turn to for various background-related tasks in Photoshop. They have their strengths and weaknesses depending on your image and goals.

Here's How We Do it:

What’s Multiple Clipping Path?

Multiple clipping path is like giving different outfits to a single image. It’s a method for precisely isolating various parts of a picture. 

Why Use Multiple Clipping Paths?

Imagine you have a group photo with diverse subjects. A single outline won’t cut it. With multiple clipping paths, you can change each item’s color, size, or more. 

How to Create Multiple Clipping Paths in Photoshop:

  1. Open your image in Photoshop.
  2. Create a new layer for each part you want to isolate (like “shirt” or “shoes”).
  3. Grab the Pen tool and outline your target, ensuring you close the path.
  4. Save the path under a name like “shirt path.”
  5. Repeat for other parts, each with its path.
  6. Select a layer, click its path in the Paths tab, and hit “Load Path as Selection.”
  7. Edit away—tweak colors, brightness, and more.
  8. Repeat for all layers, and manage visibility with the eye icon.
  9. Save your file as a PSD or PNG for transparency and layers.

    Other Methods for Multiple Clipping Paths:

    You can explore options like Alpha Channel Masking, Magic Wand Tool, Layer Masking, or Color Range Selection. However, pros usually prefer the Pen tool for precision.

    Why Multiple Clipping Paths Matter:

    • Say goodbye to unwanted backgrounds or elements.
    • Make eye-catching product pics for e-commerce or ads.
    • Save time and money by hiring experts.
    • Optimize images for social media.
    • Boost sales with stunning images.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Clipping path and background removal, often mixed up, serve distinct purposes. Clipping path involves creating a precise outline using software (like Photoshop) to separate an object from its background for separate editing. On the other hand, background removal simply erases the background, leaving room for replacement or transparency.

Clipping path and masking both isolate objects in image editing, but they yield different outcomes. Clipping path offers a sharp, clear object outline using tools like the pen tool. Masking, achieved with tools like brushes, results in a softer, more blended object edge.

Clipping path service prices vary based on factors like image complexity, quantity, service type, turnaround time, and provider quality. Generally, complex or numerous images will cost more, but some providers offer competitive rates to suit your budget.

The time needed depends on image complexity, quantity, service type, and provider efficiency. Generally, more complex or numerous images require more time, but some providers offer speedy options to meet your deadlines.

Before committing to a clipping path service provider, you can reach out through email, phone, or chat to request a free trial or sample for one or more images. Provide them with editing instructions, review their work, and decide if they fit your needs.